Surdex produces hundreds of mapping projects across the United States each year, for federal, state, county and municipal governments, as well as private engineering firms. Most projects include a Geographic Information System (GIS) build around digital orthophotography. Some of the imagery is acquired using optical camera systems, and others with digital cameras / sensors, and some projects were built with data acquired with a LiDAR sensor.

Sample Imagery – Comparison

View imagery at three different resolutions in order to see first-hand what surface features you can see. The comparison enables customers to determine what resolution is necessary for their specific needs.

Digital orthophoto resolution comparison

Interactive Map

This interface enables users to interact with a live map. Experience the interactive features of digital mapping: zoom in and out of the digital orthoimage, pan left and right, and click layers on and off.

Interactive map

Imagery Gallery

Examine imagery from actual projects – color, black and white, and color infrared digital orthoimagery, LiDAR data, and topographic and planimetric mapping for federal, state, county, and municipal projects.

LiDAR image

St. Louis Historical Aerial Photography

Surdex offers historical aerial photography of the greater St. Louis metropolitan area dating back to 1960. From 1960 to 2001, imagery is all black and white; from 2002 onward, the imagery is color.

Historical aerial photography of the St. Louis area

Spatial Data Store

This storehouse of digital orthoimagery offers a host of recent imagery across North America that can be purchased, “off-the-shelf,” for immediate use, rather than having it custom acquired and produced over months.

Valtus spatial data store