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USDA National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP)

Surdex’s largest digital orthoimagery project is the USDA National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP). Surdex has acquired and delivered over 5.3 million square miles of digital orthoimagery over the life of the program. It began in 2003 using film capture at 1-meter or 2-meter resolution over full or partial states, and by 2014 it had evolved to complete digital imagery acquisition at 1-meter or better resolution in 4-band format and under absolute accuracy standards.


State of Missouri: LiDAR for 13 Counties

In October 2012, one state and two federal agencies (the Missouri Natural Resources Conservation Service, USGS and USACE) awarded this project for to acquire 1.0 meter LiDAR of thirteen Missouri counties, with a total project area of 5,692 square miles.


City of Raleigh, North Carolina

In 2013, Surdex was selected for the twelfth consecutive year by the City of Raleigh, North Carolina, to update the City’s digital orthophotography. The City updates approximately 20% of the city annually, and this installment was of 140 square mile. The project included LiDAR to generate a DTM and the generation of 2-foot contours.


Transportation Projects

From roadways to railroads to airports, Surdex routinely undertakes digital orthophotography, planimetric, and topographic mapping projects for transportation entities and private engineering firms: LA DOT, IA DOT, IL DOT, URS railroad, Houston-Galviston Area Council airport.


Energy / Utility Projects

Utility and energy companies engage Surdex for a wide variety of services including facility mapping, corridor mapping (pipeline and utility lines), and volumetric inventories of coal. Surdex has acquired digital orthophotography and elevation data for many major energy companies.

Granite City Steel

Palm Beach County, FL

Surdex has been working with Palm Beach County continuously since 2003 providing aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping services. The most recent project, in 2013, covered 822 square miles.


Statewide Projects

A large portion of our project work is done for state entities, multi-county consortia, or the USACE for projects covering one or more states. Recent large projects have been done for the Texas Natural Resources Information System, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the USACE’s Highly Erodable Lands project, and the LiDAR project across Missouri and Arkansas project for the Missouri NRCS, USGS, and USACE.


Houston-Galveston Area Council

Following the initial acquisition of imagery in 2012, Surdex again flew the project in 2014 using the Leica ADS100. Over 3,100 square miles of color digital orthophotography were produced at 1′ GSD (2014) and 1′, 6″ and 3″ in 2012. Special attention was paid to the tall buildings in the downtown Houston area.


LiDAR Imagery

Many projects require the acquisition of LiDAR elevation data in order to generate topographic mapping. This section includes LiDAR data from multiple projects.


Topographic and Planimetric Mapping

Many projects include the development or update of planimetric features (building footprints, property lines, curbs, etc.) and topographic mapping (contour lines). These are developed in layers over a digital orthoimage to visually delineate natural features, man-made features, and political features.


Private Sector Engineering

Private sector engineering firms contract with Surdex for aerial survey for construction and engineering projects, earthworks, roadways, and so on. Deliverables include digital orthophotography, elevation data, and topographic and planimetric mapping.