Missouri Flooding Imagery

  • 4 May, 2017
  • Mark Zeman

Two days after its acquisition, aerial imagery of Missouri’s Meramec River flooding is now available online. Using their browser, viewers can zoom in and pan (left-right, up-down) to see the severity and extensiveness of the devastation. This online viewing tool was developed by Surdex Corporation, which acquired and processed the imagery.

Peerless Park, Mermec River Flooding

Because of the ongoing storms and clouds, aircraft had to fly the area twice in order to capture the area largely free of clouds and cloud shadows. After the imagery was acquired, technicians at Surdex spliced together the better images from both flights to achieve this final, clear imagery.


Click the following link and enter the Username and Password:

Username:      SDXguest

Password:       guestuser1

Side-by-Side Review of Flooding

The imagery is also available through a different website provided by ESRI that enables to you view a side-by-side comparison, before-and-after, of the flood area.



  •   Move the vertical “slider” left/right to see the normal ground surface compared to the current flooding
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out
  • Click on the image, hold and drag to move to different areas





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