Press ReleasesPress Releases

Follow our progress! Surdex routinely announces new projects, purchases of new equipment that will enable us to perform better or faster, advancements in technology, and hires of key staff who will bring a specialized skill to serve you better.

Videos and PresentationsVideos / Presentations

Every year, our experts attend and present at industry conferences and seminars to share our findings within the imagery and mapping world. Many of the white papers and presentations are available for those who are unable to attend.


Our sales and technical staff attend dozens of conferences every year to keep abreast of trends and new technologies and thoughts. This section contains a list of conferences with their dates and contact information.

White Papers and ResearchPapers

Research and white papers by our knowledgeable staff, often presented at conferences or seminars, about industry trends, research on accuracy standards, new equipment, etc.

TechnologiesAssociated Technologies

In addition to our traditional core services (digital orthoimagery, aerial acquisition, LiDAR, etc.), Surdex has branches out into other side niches to expand our offerings to better serve our clients.