Oblique Imagery

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Leica RCD30 Oblique Imaging System

 The Leica RCD30 oblique imaging system is a medium format system designed for high accuracy 3D urban mapping and 3D corridor mapping applications. The system offers several unique features that offer superior image quality and high accuracy, coupled with a high degree of flexibility.

  • Can be operated in standalone mode
  • Choice of CH61 RGB only and CH62 multispectral RGBN camera heads
  • Single camera controller with integrated GNSS/IMU system
  • Can be paired with a LiDAR system for simultaneous collection of imagery and elevation data
  • Operable in two configurations (five sensors for urban oblique imaging, or three sensors for corridor mapping), depending on application

Viewing Software

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Sample Oblique Imagery

Clayton, Missouri

North Carolina

University of Washington, St. Louis, Missouri