Each year Surdex produces hundreds of mapping projects across the United States for federal, state, county and municipal governments, as well as private engineering firms. Most projects are developed for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that incorporate digital orthoimagery. Most orthoimagery projects are conducted with digital sensors, such as our Leica ADS100 pushbroom sensor, and some projects use data acquired with our Leica ALS 70-HP LiDAR sensor. Many mapping projects include data such as topographic lines (contours) and other planimetric mapping features (building footprints, street centerlines, vegetation, etc.).

We serve the following clients. Each section provides brief descriptions of representative projects from across the country, at various mapping scales, with varied features. The projects demonstrate the wide variety of projects we manage.

Color Infrared NAIP imagery of Riverside, CaliforniaFederal

Federal governmental agencies have selected Surdex consistently over the years under long-term contracts, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture-FSA-APFO (USDA-NAIP), the U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

StateLiDAR image of Oklahoma

State governments have selected Surdex in both qualifications-based and individual project bid processes, for both statewide projects and smaller projects for state agencies. A few agencies include: Minnesota DNR, State of North Carolina, Wisconsin DNR, Iowa DNR, State of Kansas, State of Arkansas, State of Idaho, and Missouri DNR.

Digital orthophoto of Palm Beach, FloridaCounty / Municipal

Collectively or individually, many county or municipal entities across the country conduct orthoimagery and mapping projects on an annual or multi-year program. Often several entities collaborate to further the interest of the region, either on a single project or on a long-term basis through a formal body such as a Council of Governments (COG).

EngineeringOrthophoto of Granite City Steel

Since Surdex’s inception in 1954, we have played a key role in supplying engineering and architectural firms with the service they require. We have provided aerial acquisition, LiDAR, digital orthophotos, planimetric mapping, and topographic mapping services for some of the most notable engineering and construction projects in the Midwest.

Energy / UtilityOrthophoto of Pine Bend Refinery, Minnesota

Clients in the energy industry rely on us for their exploration and analysis, pipeline gathering and distribution, transmission and/or facilities mapping needs. We have mapped over 200,000 miles of pipelines, making us one of the foremost pipeline mapping companies in the U.S. We have a Leica RCD30 oblique system that is designed for high accuracy 3D corridor mapping applications.

Freeway in Houston-Galvison, TexasTransportation

State transportation departments reply on Surdex for digital orthoimagery, planimetric mapping, and topographic mapping for roadways, overpasses, bridges, and rail lines. While often for state entities, projects are often part of a subcontract to private roadway engineering companies / contractors. Recent projects have been conducted for the Iowa DOT, Louisiana DOT, Illinois DOT, and Missouri DOT.