Digital Orthoimagery

Digital orthophoto of suburban Raleigh, North Carolia
Surdex produces color (3-band) and color infrared (4-band) digital orthophotography from aerial imagery acquired by either our digital frame or digital “pushbroom” sensors. These photo-quality digital images of surface features in their geometrically-corrected, true-map positions eliminate inaccuracies inherent in simple rectified photographs.

Beneath the image of a digital orthophoto lies a three-dimensional surface model that accurately depicts the shape and form of the Earth’s surface. Like a canvas over tent poles, the image is draped over the surface model creating a highly accurate and informative base map called an orthophoto. The imagery is “tied” to known points on the Earth that are verified by GPS units, assuring the accuracy of the map.

Digital orthophoto of suburban Raleigh, North Carolina

The orthophoto serves as a visual depiction of the surface of the Earth, and any type of planimetric, topographic or cadastral data may be overlaid onto the orthophoto so that the user may quickly and easily find the information pertaining to the identifiable object. On a simple vector (line) map, for example, assessors may only see a property line. But, with an orthophoto and an overlaid parcel map, the assessor can see the property is divided by a fence.