Surdex Releases New Web-Based Image Inspection Tool

  • 1 Apr, 2016
  • Mark Zeman

Surdex has released a new, more powerful version of its web-based image inspection tool, SurCheckSM 4.0 (formerly known as CPAT). This new version is the result of over 5 years of continuous improvement and has met with outstanding reviews.

SurCheck makes it extremely quick and easy for customers to review and approve imagery. Artifacts and other potential issues are identified prior to delivery, leading to quicker remedial action and final delivery.

SurCheck has been completely re-developed in HTML5/Javascript for cross-browser compatibility and can be easily learned by a clients’ staff in less than an hour.

Release 4.0 offers more flexibility and enhancements over the previous version of the tool:Initial_Screen500x350

  • Client manager can assign reviewers to separate work zones within a project
  • Four tiers of image review (for different access levels of reviewers)
  • Online help menu
  • Operates in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari
  • Works on smart tablets
  • Single-page interface with no pop-up windows
  • Full-screen primary map window
  • Logical groupings of toolbars
  • Project start-up view showing basemap and work zones
  • Surdex-provided overlay of seamlines
  • Ability for users to add their own map service layers
  • Swipe function with user-selectable layer
  • User-selectable layer list
  • Toggle layer visibility
  • Adjust layer opacity
  • Double-click magnifier window with adjustable zoom
    • Click and drag of magnifier box to other positions within window
    • Adjustable zoom level up to 9X, limited to 1:1 project resolution
  • Display graphical and quantitative histogram of the current extent
  • Defined tile scheme within each project that fits screen
  • Progressive inspection of each tile in “snail trail” sequence
  • Simple acceptance of tiles any key press or mouse click
  • “Acceptor” level review function provides an alternative random sampling of tiles to a desired percentage for QA checks
  • User-selectable rectangle, polygon, circle edit call methods
  • Select from list of typical call-out types
  • Comments can be added by users for repeated use between sessions
  • Table view of call-outs, status, and action
  • Ability to walk through call-outs, re-centering view to each one
  • Save call-outs to a local Shape file or Excel-compatible CSV format
  • Measurement tool (points, distance, and area)
    • User-selectable units (i.e.: feet, meters, miles, kilometers, etc.)
  • Print current screen to printer or PDF


Progress View (all work zones)

Manager View, All Work Zones 500x350


Work zone progress

Work Zone Progress 500x350


Manager call-out reviews

 Manager Call-Out Review 500x350

Swipe between color and color infrared

Swipe - Color and CIR 500x350


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